so i've had a months-long case of writers block, but have recently started making a list of rules for me to live by. here they are, for good or bad.

1a. respect others' opinions as though they were your own
1b. try to make others as comfortable as you are
2. don't make assumptions about things you haven't experienced
3. experience something new as often as possible
4. have wonder
5a. ask questions (even when they seem dumb)
5b. answer questions to the best of your ability
6. be in the moment
7. if you have extra, share
8. give people the benefit of the doubt
9. stay true to your word
10. express your excitement in seeing people
11. when you genuinely love someone, tell them
12. think before you speak
13. hold open doors for people
14. smile at strangers
15. be honest with yourself
16. sleep!
17. don't rush
18. do pointless things
19. don't shy away from appreciating the small things
20. allow yourself to fully feel your emotions
21. look at the stars; remind yourself that you are a part of something much larger
22. have spontaneous dance parties
23a. apologize sincerely
23b. don't overuse "i'm sorry"