a story by rascal, pt. II

OH my god yes! And remember when we were standing on that dam and the giant pink bird flew over and we were making bird noises to attract it and it flew away but all of those salamanders came crawling out of the dam and there were like hundreds and they were all making the bird sounds back at us???? And we screamed and ran back to the car and you took out your flashlight and made all those shadow puppets to calm us down but you couldn't remember how to make the old man smoking the cigar and you got really frustrated and broke the flashlight and we were left sitting all alone in the cold, dark, dead car, listening to the bird calls of the salamanders getting closer and closer...


it's doing it's job pretty well right about now. summer, come quickly!


photo update

i'm a blog slacker. i still don't have time to write a real post, but here's a photo update of my life!